About Us

Kai.Tatyasaheb Patil Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha (KTPBSS) is an Educational Venture of Silicon Systems.

We count our people as our biggest assets of whom there is nodearth in Maharashtra. While we generally opt for the latest technologies inproviding services, we keep an ear open to specific requirements of individual clients. Our strengths in these two areas enable us to deliver on our qualitymantra, which is the best and nothing but the best for our organization. We can say that it is result of our deep study and research in the field of IT which encourage us to start the sustainability of the environment on which life demands.

We believe that the best way to meet this challenge is to encored initiatives by those living and working closest to where problems are locate to promote collaboration among the Non profit Government and Business Sectors and to ensure participation by men and women from diverse communities and at all levels of society. In our experience such activities help build common understanding enhance excellence enable people to improve their lives and reinforce their commitment to society.We deliver cost-effective solutions with close client interaction.


Founded in 2012, the KTPBSS operated in a national level, being an independent, non-profit organization. The trustees of the Sanstha set policy and delegate authority to the president and senior staff for the KTPBSS's grant making and operations. Program officers in the India explore opportunities to pursue the KBSSK's goals, formulate strategies and recommend proposals for funding. Since its charter stated that its resources should be used "all for the public welfare", the Sanstha made grants to many different kinds of organizations. Sanstha established its TECHNICAL TRAINING ACADEMY with the help of companies for implementing various IT & Vocational Training Programs.


    Inspiring you for a Better Future!IT literacy and social development, Skill Empowerment,using simplicity in Education Sector to serve affordable Skill Development oriented Training Program to all citizens of rural and the urban so that to become a milestone for the future scenario in making the rural youth equally respected with the urban youth due to the Simplicity and/in Education.


    Skill Development based Education and Youth Empowerment using Quality Educational Training Techniques with Quality Service at lowest costs prime mission of our organization.